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Par : Turpin
Publié : 2 mai 2013
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Exemples de Mises en Situation

Exemples de Mises en situation :

I have set my Sony digital camera to 5M pixel resolution. It claims this allows good quality to 10 x 8 prints, which it does. However, I only have the option within the camera of ‘Fine’, ‘Coarse’ or no compression. The Fine selling produces picture files sizes of around 2MB, but I do not understand how my PC or its picture software (Windows Photo Gallery) recognises the degree of compression. When I want to print or display a compressed image on a large screen TV I really want the full resolution decompressed back, but I have no control over this. 

Michael J. Shilling, by email

I recently changed my ISP, to a fibre optic cable service. Previously my wireless router used WEP encryption, the new one doesn’t seem to like it and is set up to use WPA-PSK. The problem is that although my Windows 7 laptop copes with this arrangement, my XP desktop does not. It does not acquire an IP address and consequently does not connect to the Internet. The technical literature supplied with the new router suggests that a Microsoft update, included in Service Pack 3 may fix this problem though this was installed some time ago. Unfortunately, as I cannot get onto the internet via my desktop, I cannot download and reinstall this update. 

Colin Hughes, by email

I use Facebook regularly with friends all over the world, I used to be able to right click on a comment text and left click on Translate, but it doesn’t work any more. Instead I see a message that says ‘the translation failed because of a server error, try again’. Do you have any tips to rectify the problem ? 

Thierry Obitz, by email

I recently purchased my first smartphone, a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone. I’ve been looking for an app or software for virus protection but haven’t found anything suitable ? There seems to be a lack of smartphone security apps, why is this ? With increasing use of mobiles for all sorts of uses I’d have thought this feature would be a priority ?
John B, by email