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  • Barème Exposés - Avril 2013

    8 seconds rule ? 3 seconds ?
    Set the Theme. Open and Close Each Point.
    Font type and size (3 font types max, 30pts min.)
    Lots of white space
    6/6 rule : 6 lines max. 6 words/line max.
    Use solid colours
    Keep it simple, easy on the eye
    Limit animations to transitions
    Credit your ressources.
    Set the Theme. Open and Close Each Point
    Build up to a special moment.
    Appear enthusiastic and confident.
    Move and interact with the audience
    Don’t (...)

  • Your Next Presentations - Mars 2013

    Hello !
    You have to come up with a new presentation following the rules and tips we saw in class. Here are the different themes :
    Get 27
    Haribo Crocodiles
    Le Chiquito / La Carotte
    Red Bull
    Sony Personal 3D Viewer
    Pizza Hut
    Don’t forget to appear passionate and enthusiastic !

  • Networking Battles - Mars 2013

    Vous préparerez un compte-rendu en français (à 2 si vous voulez) de cet article :
    N’oubliez pas de relier votre compte rendu à votre contexte profesionnel et de donner votre avis.

  • Surrogates Plot Summary. - Février 2013

    Use the attached document.

  • Web Review : Biotronics, Cyborgs, Bionic people, Robots... - Février 2013

    What’s the state of advancement in the fields of making robots look / act like humans ?
    Go online and answer this question in a 3-5 mins oral presentation. Find examples, and make a list of 10 absolutely necessary vocabulary words to talk about this subject.

  • CES 2013 - Janvier 2013

    Go to
    Find a topic of interest, and prepare a 3-5 minutes oral report on it (in english).

  • Online Test 2 - Décembre 2012

    Attention, ce test est plus difficile (il est chronométré)
    Dans le menu déroulant, choisir "CH-101 PC Basics", remplissez les champs avec des infos bidons (sauf l’e-mail pour les résultats), et lancez vous !

  • Online Test - Décembre 2012


  • Compréhension Ecrite - Octobre 2012

    New :

  • Build Your Own PC - Octobre 2012

    Read this :
    Now, you will have to build your own PC from scratch, using this website for parts :
    Then you will have to prepare a 4-5minutes oral presentation explaining what’s special about your PC and what makes it better than others.
    There is no price limit, but a realistic budget is a plus...
    You are free to use all the presentation tools you (...)

  • Exercice Passive voice. - Octobre 2012

    Switch these sentences at the passive or active voice, depending on the original voice. Do not mention the “agent” if it’s not necessary.
    They will have to clean it.
    They’ve been beaten by their rivals.
    They are looking up the customer’s name.
    The champion has been knocked out by a young boxer.
    They will clean your swimming-pool this weekend.

  • Verb Tenses QUIZ Groups - Octobre 2012


  • Exposés - Septembre 2012

    Pair work : Choose one of the following subjects and prepare a 5 min presentation (Powerpoint or other...) about it. You will present it to the other students next week...
    1-Online Games
    3-Handheld Devices
    4-Computers of the Future
    5-User Interfaces
    6-Cloud Computing
    7-Network Security
    8-Computer Pioneers
    9-Touch Screens
    REMEMBER it’s a PRESENTATION, NOT A READING of papers ! Make it funky and easy to follow. You can use music, pictures, (...)

  • Computer Vocab. - Septembre 2012

    Use these sites to review your computer vocab :
    and for specific parts :

  • Grille Evaluation CO - Février 2012

    Voici la grille et le tableau d’évaluation "exposé".

  • Mots de liaison Français - Septembre 2011

    Pour vos compte-rendus...

  • Welcome TSIO - Septembre 2011

    Here you’ll find useful things.